“We shall never know all the good that a simple kindness can do” Mother Theresa.

The Foundation, in its first year of implementation of its projects; intervened in secondary schools in Ilutitun Osooro (a community in Ondo State) by offering financial support to ninety (90) students to help them stay in school. This number has seen a great improvement to one hundred and seventy seven (167) students in 2016. Over the years, we have donated books to eight schools to help them build libraries and also organised after school lectures in scholarship communities. The Foundation in its bid to promote and increase the standard of education in such communities also organises teacher training seminars for teachers of schools in such communities.

We work with communities or individuals going through a rough patch and help them overcome such challenges. Our focus on communities is reflected in our assisting Secondary Institutions improve academic ability of their students. This is achieved through educational sponsorships, extra moral classes, teacher training seminars as well as inspirational, motivational lectures and counselling. 

Our individual interventions are currently geared towards Tertiary Education for promising and bright students as well as for those who come from challenged or disadvantaged backgrounds and who would ordinarily drop out of school or find themselves unable to acquire a tertiary education because of their peculiar life circumstance.


The foundation is involved in a number of educational projects:

Community Support Project

This project is directed at students of secondary educational institutions in select communities in Nigeria.

The foundation carries out a number of interventions in respect of this project. The intervention spans all secondary institutions in select communities and includes all levels of secondary learning. The students are made to sit for a scholarship qualifying test which would be graded on the basis of each child excelling above the yearly agreed upon cut off- mark. After which those from each arm who pass this mark are awarded scholarships which comprise of payment of full tuition for a year.

The rest of the students are not left out of this community development programme as extra moral classes are organised by the foundation for a given period to assist with specialised coaching of the students of such community.

A third approach is a teacher training seminar which is organised for all teachers of the schools involved and this helps keep them abreast of best practices as well as help them hone in expertise in specialised subjects.

All of these approaches are adopted every year and for the past two years the Foundation has focused on a community in Ondo State and has successfully carried out these projects using all three approaches in this Community.

As we grow, we hope to expand and extend our interventions to other communities in other States in Nigeria.


Open Scholarship Project

The open scholarship project is another project of the foundation which supports students in tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

At present there are 11 students being sponsored by the organisation and some are on a need basis while most are on scholastic basis. The criterion for qualification is need based with a proven track record of academic excellence. We however do not lose focus of our mission which is to show kindness to someone at the point where it would make a difference to their future.

We are limited in our ability to help a lot of people but we are doing the best we can and encourage people to partner with us to help make this possible for a lot of children. 

Children are the future. There is no continuity without them. Let us invest in these ones.

Shapen the
future of someone today