Who We Are

“We shall never know all the good that a simple kindness can do” Mother Theresa.

Johnson Teniola Faromoju Foundation was established and duly registered in 2014. It is set up as a Charity with a focus on kindness as an enabler to help solve individual and societal problems of the present and the future. The Foundation in its few years has been able to identify with changemakers, professionals and leaders who believe in the good that kindness can do and in the broad reach of kindness to actually change the world.

Its vision is to kindle the light of hope through little acts of kindness and its mission is:

  • To impact Communities positively through:

             a.   Education – Scholarship

             b.   Training – Functional Skills acquisition

             c.    Empowerment – Counselling & general help.

The Foundations Founder believes that it will be a great mistake on our part, to do nothing because we think it is little. At Johnson Teniola Foundation, we believe in doing the little we can; because what we conceive as little may mean an education for a child in a rural community; which would dictate if that child would be an adult who is enabled to serve their community and country as a health care provider; a social scientist; a teacher or a political leader who rallies the society for positive and progressive change; or on the other hand, determines if that child would be a delinquent and a miscreant who would pose great risk to society and individuals within that society. That child may not be ours; but he or she is going to live in the same world and society with our children. The Johnson Teniola Faromoju Foundation is poised to step in and intervene just before the negative path is taken. We help disadvantaged children and youths make the right decision to improve themselves by granting them scholarships that help them meet up their financial responsibility towards an education and also offer them counselling and extra lessons where the need arises. These interventions we believe would contribute to the future by helping make individuals who would fulfil potential and achieve greatness. We intend to bequeath a legacy to the next generation; a legacy of kindness, knowledge and greatness.

Join us, it’s a worthy cause. Together we can do great things.

Children are the future. There is no continuity without them. Let us invest in these ones.

Shapen the
future of someone today